What is a Low Level Laser?

Laser is an acronym which stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. The term "radiation" in the word laser is often misinterpreted because the term is also used to describe radioactive materials or ionizing radiation. The use in this context, however refers to light transfer between locations. The light generated by the Erchonia low level laser is red because its wavelength is in the visible light spectrum at 635nm. The laser light will not be felt during a treatment because the laser at 5 mw of power is not strong enough to create undesirable tissue heating or cell vibration.

Effects of 635nm laser light

  • Increased cell energy
  • Promotes circulation
  • Increases natural anti-oxidants
  • Recycles protective enzymes
  • Increases protein production
  • Promotes healthy cell multiplication
  • Microbe control
  • Improved Immunity

Erchonia PL 5000

  • First Low Level Laser to Recieve FDA 510(k) for the treatment of Chronic Pain
  • Enhanced Patented Proven 635nm Wavelength
  • 6 FDA Market Clearances - 4 FDA Clearance Pending
  • Proven through Level 1 Clinical Trials
  • Multi Million Dollar Allocation for Low Level Laser Research and Development
  • ISO Certification
  • Featured on/in: Nightline, NBC, The Doctors, CBS, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The New York Times, FOX

"The Erchonia Low Level Laser is my most imporant tool" - Dr. Jeff Spencer, DC - 2004 ICA Sports Chiropractor of The Year, 8 time team doctor for the Tour de France.


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